Looking to Start an Artist Run Co-op Gallery in Vancouver


Hey Artists,

I’m a student transferring from Emily Carr to UBC in fall 2016, and I’m looking to start a gallery/co-operative ideally sometime in the fall. Regardless of where we are its hard for emerging and/or student artists to brake into the local art scene, especially if our work doesn’t fit into that same “Vancouver” vibe. I currently have a summer intern position at a co-op in northern Canada, and its made me realize that this could be an amazing opportunity for young creators in Vancouver.

I think it would be awesome to create a positive and exciting space for young and emerging artists to show our work, on our own terms. This can apply to all creators: industrial designers, painters, print makers, photographers, ceramicists, jewellers, the wider the range the better. The collective goal is to create a new voice for young and emerging creators in the Vancouver area, through showcasing both ourselves and our work.

We are looking for generally around 15 artists total as a starting number, as we’d spiting rent 15 ways (selling our work should cover these costs). We would title ourselves as a non-profit co-op, justifying a smaller commission rate than commercial galleries with the sole purpose of keeping up with gallery maintenance.

Some general guidelines to see if you might be a right fit:

– you’re a young creator who is a student at a post-secondary institution around Vancouver or recent alumni within 5 years AND/OR you identify as an emerging artist who resides in the Greater Vancouver Area

– you can afford approximately $150 in rent monthly regardless of sales (hopefully selling your work at the gallery will cover this cost)

– you are comfortable with approximately a 25-30% commission rate that feeds back into gallery maintenance

– you can work a full day once every two weeks to keep the gallery operating to the public which includes: selling work and handling money, talking about both you’re own work and others, opening and closing gallery tasks, and promoting the gallery as a whole to the public

– you value collaboration, and you have ideas to share with other creators

– you want to be apart of a new exciting collective, with your awesome work you want to show and sell

If you’re interested please email me with a little bit about yourself, your work, and what you have to offer to this co-op! If you aren’t interested but have some input, also feel free to respond if you have any ideas/suggestions or wish to be otherwise involved.

Please contact both myself in your reply at : paigetaylorwhite@gmail.com