LOVE BOMB featuring Locarno


Calling all love monkeys! Singles and Couples…(19+)

Embrace the Day of LOVE at the Rotary Centre for the Arts as we open our doors for a night of cheeky and flirty fun, good food, good friends, good drinks and a GOOD band! Whether you’re single and happy or romantically coupled, celebrate LOVE BOMB and party to the beat of LOCARNO, www.locarnomusic.com part Mexican with strong doses of Cuban Son, Folk Music, Pop and Funk. Bust a move with our Salsa instructors, play Twister, and don’t forget to bring your cheesiest pickup line (there will be prizes)! The Ultimate GROUP date, with Tapatizers, Love Potions, Singles Lounge, Kinshira and Okanagan Photostar photo booth. Tickets $25 www.selectyourtickets.com or 250-717-5304