Luminescence III Artist Talk – Ron Simmer


featuring Ron Simmer
a NEW infinity mirror installation

“Yes I don’t have a vagina, nor am I contemplating a sex change.” Ron Simmer

The Deer Lake Art Gallery is pleased to present a NEW infinity mirror installation simulating a female sexual orgasm by Ron Simmer. The work consists of “Neon” LED rope embedded in a large triangular light sculpture.

The MELT installation is an experiment to convey an image of heightened exultation, inspired by the idea of the female orgasm. Created with the intention of supporting sexual liberation fostered by the many women’s movements ongoing.

Simmer was inspired to create MELT by Suzy Kellems Dominik’s recent show at Art Basel Miami entitled, “I Can Feel” involving synchronized flashing colored neon elements. MELT was designed to be shown at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival this Spring.

Simmer has a history of working in art as a peak experience, mostly in Burning Man festival venues. He has produced such works as the “Musical Swings”, “Rock the Clit”, and “Pink Torpedo” all physically interactive riding toys. The Burning Man art esthetic insists that art be climbable, interactive and engaging. Simmer’s “Falling Snow” infinity mirror installation at Deer Lake Gallery in 2016 was one example of his experimentation into peak experience optical illusion.

Simmer’s work is one example of the many outstanding artworks celebrating light to mark the Spring equinox in the Deer Lake Art Gallery exhibition. Simmer will offer an artist talk during the show explaining why he works in the theme of female sexuality. Join us on Saturday, March 24th @ 2pm at the Deer Lake Art Gallery for an artist talk.