MAKE RE|MAKE UN|MAKE: repetition and artistic processes


Reception: Sunday, February 15, 2-4 p.m.
Curator Talk: Saturday, March 7, 2 p.m.

Neil Chung, Suzanne Fulbrook, Yvonne Hachkowski, Elizabeth MacKenzie, Tamara Skubovius, and Janice Wu

Neil Chung’s video installations use repetition of sounds as well as looping to create meditative rhythms that address our relationships with technology and nature. In the work of Suzanne Fulbrook repetition and disintegration are paramount; using a process of watercolour and saltwater on unprimed canvas to produce photorealistic result, the paintings are then soaked, scrubbed and run through a clothing mangle, squeezing the once vibrant image into a vestige. Yvonne Hachkowski uses traditional methods of photography that call attention to ideas about the finite vs. infinite, while observing and recording the state of changing landscapes as a consequence of human contact. Elizabeth MacKenzie uses repetition in her growing series of ink drawings on rice paper to consider and affirm difference through the archetypal figure of Frankenstein’s monster. Tamara Skubovius employs repetition to tell stories about the land and those who inhabit it, and through the process of porcelain casting, creates serial objects that hold cultural symbolism and contemporary significance for the Tāltān First Nation. Janice Wu’s realistic gouache paintings illustrate her habit of collecting mundane objects, and present the symbolic and sentimental qualities these objects possess that extend further than their use or worth within material culture.

A limited-edition publication accompanies the exhibition. As several of the artists reside outside of Vancouver, each artist was asked to respond on paper to four questions about their artistic processes, using a standard page size. When the artists completed this ‘visual interview,’ the pages were mailed to the curator and assembled for the publication. This offers a unique opportunity for viewers to bring part of the exhibition home with them.