Mauricio Villamil and Joseph Wu


North Vancouver Community Arts Council presents
Mauricio Villamil and Joseph Wu
District Foyer Gallery
July 22 – September 15, 2015
Mauricio Villamil
As a painter and photographer, the central questions to Mauricio’s work for this exhibition are: what is the idea of “image” today and how does technology increasingly influence our ever more sophisticated idea of “image”? His work is a re-mixing of ideas and concepts from the world of media and digital manipulation of images to paintings and vice versa.
“ In our current contemporary culture, many subcultures are being constantly created and inhabited…we are moving between what we need; culture, language, communication, art and what we desire; faster and wider communication.”
Mauricio is a painter infatuated with photography. The camera offers a window through which he can manipulate and extend what he can see and how he sees it.

Joseph Wu
Like many people, Joseph Wu encountered origami as a child, folding paper since the age of three. He continued practicing his craft and began creating original designs at the age of eleven. Joseph’s work has been shown internationally at both conventions and gallery shows. In 2009, Joseph designed and installed a 180 foot long origami light sculpture that is the centerpiece of ORU restaurant in the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in downtown Vancouver.
“Origami can be considered the closest art to creation ‘ex nihilo’, out of nothing…many origami artists seek to astound by complexity…but the true artistry of origami lies in simpler forms, where subtle shaping brings out nuances of feelings.”

North Vancouver District Hall, 355 West Queens Road Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm