Monday Magazine and CACGV’s Photo Contest 2016


CACGV and Monday Magazine Photo Contest 2016
The Bay Centre – 636 Fort Street
October 27 – November 12

Victoria, BC – The Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria is honored to take part in Monday Magazine’s annual photo contest, the longest running photo competition in Victoria. All submissions will be displayed at the CACGV’s new headquarters in The Bay Centre at 636 Fort Street.

This contest is a great opportunity for amateurs to displays their skills to a willing and enthusiastic audience. The gallery receives hundreds of visitors a day from art lovers to collectors to the artistically curious.

There are six categories this year
1)Colour (General)
2)Black and White (General
3)Textural Analyis
4)Express Your Selfie
5)Reality Check (Computer Manipulation Allowed)

Entries will be accepted until October 15. You can submit them in person at the CACGV headquarters. Each photographer can submit up to 5 entries in several categories. Further information and submission forms can be found at: http://cacgv.ca/events/event-application-forms.


The Community Arts Council of Great Victoria (CACGV) is a non-profit society and charity based organization dedicated to advancing local arts and culture. CACGV partners with arts, culture, community organizations and businesses, to deliver programs for all art disciplines.

Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony: Thursday, October 27th from 6:30-8:30
Show Dates: October 27th – November 12th, 2017
For additional information contact: Stephanie Eisenbraun, CACGV’s Executive Director (250) 475-7123
Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria and Monday Magazine



Call for Submissions