Mono/chrome – a Kardosh Project at the Marion Scott Gallery


Kardosh Projects, in association with the Marion Scott Gallery, is pleased to announce Mono/chrome featuring works by Mandy Boursicot, Yves Gaucher, Sophie Jodoin, Attila Richard Lukacs, Vicky Marshall, Michael Morris, Parr, Ed Pien, Jutai Toonoo, Claude Tousignant. The show brings together drawings, prints, paintings, photographs, and sculpture from the 1960s to the present, with styles ranging from hard edge to the gestural, and from abstraction to high realism.

The monochromatic image derives its power and its place in avant-garde visual practice from the liberatory potential of restricting the palette to the exploration of a single color, whether this is black and white (Malevich, Ad Reinhard), gray (Jasper Johns), white (Agnes Martin), or electric blue (Yves Klein). Mono/chrome, the first in a planned series of three exhibitions on the potential of monochromatism, as well as its thresholds, includes work in black and white by ten Canadian artists. These artists have limited one parameter of their practice to allow other elements to become more intensely visible, as, for example, the geometries of composition in hard edge work or the specificity of medium in gestural abstraction. Mono / chrome attends in ways dictated first and foremost by the artists’ own practice to the play of design against medium, as this is amplified through a delimitation that has the further effect, of course, of making pure colour more visible, too, as an actor on the field.

Preview and opening reception, Wednesday, June 18, 7pm to 9pm.

For more information, email: info@kardoshprojects.com