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Door sales in concord

It doesn get more annoying than sales people coming to your door, giving their speech, listening to you say interested and not leaving after you said it happens a lot around claycord, and one of the worst companies, according to a report done on kcratv out of sacramento is a company called quality apparently they caused a little controversy in the north state, and now, they hit concord.

A fellow claycordian sent a note today to let us knowabout the quality sales people who came to his front door, and he also sent the following television report about the company, who operates out of the sacramento area.

Click on this link to view the report from kcra, and also, check out the image above, which clearly states the rules about going doortodoor in concord.

Iftheperson trying to sell you merchandise doesn have a concord police issued solicitor id badge, then they operating illegally, and you have every right to call the police!

Wow, this is great to know, thanks for the post.We don get them too badly here, mainly the jehovahs we not too far from the church.Does this apply to religious solicitors as well?

I had an issue once where i had my front door open, and was cooking dinner.This guy shows up from clarke pest control, and he started giving me the spiel through the screen door, which unfortunately i hadn locked.I kept saying interested, refused to come to the door, and all of a sudden this fool starts to open my door!Just leave my tag with my number in case you change your mind.I was like, oh hell no.So i grabbed the tag from him, and the next day called the number on it turns out it the idiot cell phone!I didn know til i asked for a supervisor and said i had an issue with one of the men coming around my house.He said it was him, and starts harrassing me as to why i was calling to get him in trouble.So i finally went off on him and called the clarke corporate headquarters.They were not pleased whatsoever.

A young man from pure quality came to my door yesterday afternoon, wanting me to sign up for their survey.Said i would get a $50 gift card for doing the survey.I told him i was not interested in doing any survey and he left.I had an uneasy feeling about it because his business card lacked any details other than pure quality, an address in citrus heights, and a 916 area code phone number.He took the business card back when i told him no.Figured i wouldn get paid even if i did sign up to help them out.These days you can tell if they are a legitimate business or if they are here to who is home and what time of the day no one is home.

Thanks for sale the information about this company.I just finished watching the video from kcratv.Yep, same business card but the young man never gave me his name.His pitch was about sterilization of hospital rooms and the same quality can be in homes.Never said a word about vacuum cleaners but maybe i didn give hime enough time.And like the video, wanted me to be part of a survey they are doing about their products.I don know why he stopped at my house but he could have been going down the block.Lots of american flags, well kept older cars and handicapped placards around the landana/cottonwood/sattler and courts.If someone from their companycomes by again i will call the cpd.

8:7:40 AM:Should bother you:You don know where their hands have been, well i guess you do, their hands have wiped their bottoms.What you don know is if they washed their hands before handling your strawberries;You don know where the strawberries came from;You don know who to contact if there is a problem;You don know if it legal;You don know if they one of america most wanted.

Make sure they have a cpd solicitor permit:

I had a lady from kirby come by my house last week.In my housing area, there is a large sign that says soliciting when i brought it up to her, she said she didn see it.When i also asked her for her id, she said she was just dropped off and her boss in the car is the one who had it, he was on another street.When i asked her to call him, she said he didn answer the phone.

They always say that they are from san ramon.Not that it matters, its just really annoying to try to bring in my groceries and get hounded by them.Its bad enough i get hounded at the grocery store from homeless people or someone else wanting the few extra cents we have already!

We had a soliciting sign up in front of my house since we moved here fourteen years ago and we still get all the same solicitors we would get if we didn have the sign.Once a guy came to the door selling something, my dad pointed to the sign, and the guy said, don worry sir, i don smoke.

I can turn them down every time, but as for my parents

My mom has bought a homemade candle that broke in half within minutes of bringing it into the house, she also bought a plastic bird for $15 dollars.Both were from kids who are hard to turn down, but we don have the money to shell out fifteen or twenty bucks every time a sad looking kid we don even know is having a fundraiser.

And my dad almost gets sold every time the people selling really expensive meat come to our house, but we always have to talk him out of it and after a couple of days of pouting he realizes it would be foolish to buy twohundred dollars worth of steak, since we only have it a couple times a year.

It just really annoying that they can even be cordial enough to read the sign.

Seriously!I called the police when a suspicious looking girl was selling books that seemed far from legit the police were really quite rude to be honest!When i asked the girl for her solicitors permit she told me that she did not need one becuase she was doing an after school job and why should she have to pay for a permit in order to do her job.I told the police she said this, and the dispatcher was very condescending and rude and told me he did not know whether she needed one or not, and that i was calling concord who dispatched for clayton(As if we were some sort of plague to them).So long story short mr.Mayor, you are really going to be a thorn in the side of these dispatchers(Who apparently do not know their own laws)When people start calling them because people are illiegally trying to fake crap doortodoor.

So how about the sidewalk bizarre today on the sidewalk of clayton rd.Near gateway?Does anyone need some used clothing that has been passed Mother of the Bride Dresses UK down three times already?

As i understand it, lds will be asking for plenty of money.Last i heard, those are rather expensive religions.Gotta build your giant temples somehow(La jolla! ).

San ramon in salesman speak = richmond.Well the same goes for door to door sale men and women.I throw on my race holster usually with my limited gun attached and 4 legally owned 24 round mags on my other hip and ask them what they want?

9 times out of 10 they leave without saying a word.The other poster that talked about not opening your door is right as well, but be prepared because if someone wants in there going to come in.

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