On Instinct: Fine Art Exhibit


On Instinct: Fine Art Exhibit
Alicia Marie Lawrence

Koffi Art Wall
1441 Haultain St Victoria BC

On Instinct is about the practice of creative expression to explore emotion and develop deeper understanding of our personal interactions with each other and with the community. With art as a reflective space, the depth of human experience emerges in colour, light and shadow, in form and in feeling. This process of self-perception and self-reflection leading to transformation is the fire needed to challenge injustice and inequity, to listen intently to the stories others have to tell, to know exactly when and how to take action, to disrupt, to effect change. On Instinct is a chance to invoke healing and resolution of the past, as well as openness to new experience and individual strength in the journey forward.

Alicia Marie Lawrence is an urban contemporary artist working in 2-dimensional and digital mediums, and a practicing creative writer and graphic designer. She has been presenting and publishing her visual art and writing since 2012, and is currently taking coursework at the Vancouver Island School of Art. She lives in Victoria BC.

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