Open Call for Artists on the Topic of the Treatment of Animals by our Society


Call for Artists:

Oceanside Arts Council will host a timely and exciting art exhibition at the MacMillan Gallery entitled ‘Animals in our Humanscape’ this April.

The art focuses on the lives of animals in our society and in the larger world. Due to the overpopulation of people, some animals live as cherished pets, while others get pushed out of their habitats, used as live factory ‘products’, used for medical research, and caused to
become extinct.

The show is made up of Island artists and some from elsewhere, who
address these issues to some degree in their work. Invited artists
include Jeff Hartbower, Laurie Bartlett, Teresa Knight, Martha
Jablonski-Jones, Anne Birthistle, and Graham Harrop.

Island artists and artists from where ever they live, are invited to add their voices
to this show by submitting a ready-to-hang work of their own! The gallery charges a $5 hanging fee and 30% commission on all works sold. Bring your work in on March 31.

We who have had pets know that animals are like us, with emotions, thoughts and feelings, and we are sensitive to their current plight. We want to know how we can grant them more consideration.?

All of this is better said in art, though, so express your
thoughts and feelings about this issue and be part of the exhibition.

See you in April!

FMI email tjaneknight@gmail.com or the MacMillan Arts Centre at
1-250-248-8185or by visiting their website at http://mcmillanartscentre.com



Call for Submissions