Originals Only Art Show & Sale in Comox, BC. 2 weeks away!


This Fine Art Show allows no reproduction prints, hence the name Originals Only!

Original Art is durable. We have all seen prints that in a few short years are all blues and browns. Ink is not durable, artists paints are, it is that simple!

Needless to say subject matter is extremely diverse with over 35 artists involved, whose age and experience differ widely. The show offers a wide range of prices as well. Pictures vary in size so packing for travel can be easily handled and artists will arrange shipment if need be…

This show is organized by a group of Comox Valley artists who volunteer their time and energy to help other artists show and sell their work. They come from a wide variety of disciplines and groups within the fine art community.

Learn more about the creative process and meet face to face with the artists. Our artists are excited by public participation in this free event and will answer questions, discuss framing and care of work as well as processes. Set in a nautical themed park next to the Comox Marina, it is sponsored by Comox Recreation and this is our 15th year! This is THE event to attend for Original Art in the Comox Valley.