Out of the Earth


Residents of Salt Spring Island, Thompson and Olivier work to capture the essence of nature using two distinct artistic media. Thompson weaves natural materials into standing lamps, which cast a shadowed glow when illuminated. Olivier fashions her work by either coiling or slab-building clay, sometimes a combination of both, after which she fires these creations in a large pit using many organic materials. No two of their works are ever alike. Both artists seek to repurpose nature, building on the beauty found in their surroundings.
Melanie repurposes plant material gleaned from roadsides, gardens, and woods and transforms these resources into biomorphic light sculptures. By creating these woven sculptures from natural elements such as willow, grasses and seed pods, their inherent beauty is simultaneously preserved and transmuted. This morphing of materials helps to remind us of the unparalleled beauty and versatility of nature.
The natural materials and methods Claire uses to create her vessels allow chance to play a role in her creative process. The weather, humidity, material mix and the temperature of the heat during the firing process all play a role in the finished work. Rather than working against these elemental uncertainties, Claire embraces the unique qualities these unpredictable variables have on her work, therefore inviting nature even further into her practice.
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