Park’s Edge Paint Off : An Outdoor Live International Painting Tournament


For almost 40 years the Burnaby Arts Council has presented the best in local performers and artists set against the beautiful Deer Lake Park. The Festival activities are surrounded by majestic trees and park on near Deer Lake, Burnaby.

The Festival is an event the whole family can enjoy featuring, outdoor painting competition, over 20+ artisans, children’s art workshop, musical performance by First Nations musician Rory Dawson, Burnaby Summer Theatre plus more! Demo and Art Exhibition: Between Land and Sky featuring the Vancouver Sketch Club. The Demo features 2 fabulous artist Sonia Mocnik and Taylore Co.

3-2-1…. The final words one often hears when entering the colour massacres of live painting competitions. Usually a short amount of time, a palette of colours, brush in hand and an audience of eager onlookers excited about what creations lay in store from the competitors. Vancouver has seen a plethora of new live painting events pop up in recent years; from Art Battle, Golden Brush’s Battle of the Brush, SNAG, Vancouver Art Attack and others they have all become a unique way for art lovers and creators to come together and get closer to the creative process.

This year we are featuring our very own Park’s Edge Paint Off: Live Painting Tournament. Many people have never seen how paintings are created and it is an exciting spectacle to get a glimpse of what the creative process looks like first hand. Mingle that with an emphasis on speed and the chance for prizes and recognition and it’s a recipe for a fun engaging event with thrills, excitement and culture. Audience voting determine the winners of the events, and silent auction for the real prize of those who will get to walk home with a one-of-a-kind piece of art.