Photos of Canadian Couples Wanted


People of Canada Portrait Project – focusing on the people that make Canada a diverse and culturally rich country.

From our cities to our oceans, from our mountains to our lakes, from our homes to our havens. These are the People of Canada.

The People of Canada Portrait Project: We need you! for the Ultimate Canadian Portrait Project.

What we need:
We need photos of Canadian couples. It could be you and your spouse, your sibling, your best friend, your partner or even a photo of you with your dog, horse or cow. Wear the clothing that best describes who YOU are, have fun with it. If your photo is selected as reference for a portrait painting, the artist will paint the background, inspired by your personality.

What will happen:
Each photo submitted will be uploaded to the POC website. From the photos submitted, we will select the most creative photos that resonate with us, for reference in painting a portrait. The plan is to exhibit all submitted photos along with the painted portraits in a Canadian venue/gallery as part of Canada150 celebrations. Location TBA at a later date.

What will you get?
You will get to be involved in a creative collaboration! All those who submit a photo will receive an invite to the opening night of the show. You will receive credit for your photo and mention in the show catalogue and on the website as well as a signed copy of the show poster. If your photo is selected for a painting, you will receive a signed print of the painting.

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Call for Submissions