Resplendence – Landscape Paintings by Jie (Jack) Zhou


Opening Reception September 12, 2014 from 3 to 6pm. Artist will be in attendance.

Art Beatus (Vancouver) is very pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Jie (Jack) Zhou in Vancouver. Known for his stunning landscape paintings and masterful use of colours, Resplendence is a collection of Zhou’s latest works featuring birch forests around northern Ontario surveyed from different seasons of the year.

“From Muskoka to Algonquin Park, I chase the constantly changing environment, endeavouring to catch the organic shapes around me by encapsulating them on canvas with meticulously, almost pointillistic attention, covering the canvas with brush and knife strokes to translate how I see the world.” – Jie (Jack) Zhou

These vibrant and colourful paintings, influenced by Impressionism and the works of Gustav Klimt, are based on photographs and sketches recorded on location, then as he continues to work indoors in his studio, a large part of the formal painted image is completed from his own imagination, what he calls his “subjective creation”. Due to Zhou’s great love of colour and light, one of the manifestations of his subjective creation is his use of exaggerated colours that lends these landscapes a hint of otherworldliness in a natural world.

As a child, Zhou lived on the outskirts of Beijing where the birch trees inhabiting the landscape of northern China left a profoundly deep and romantic impression on his nascent imagination – evidenced by Zhou`s prodigious body of work where the birch tree has been a recurring motif throughout his 30 year artistic career. With brush and palette knife Zhou has deftly articulated his sense of awe and wondrous delight as well as capturing the dynamic magnificence of these breathtaking landscapes.

Jie (Jack) Zhou was born in 1965 and raised in the outlying areas of Beijing, China. He began his artistic endeavors at the age of 18 and in 1987 he enrolled at Beijing Normal (Union) University to study design. In 2002, Zhou immigrated to Canada where he discovered the unique landscapes of northern Ontario.

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