“resurrection” – Print Exhibition by Shinsuke Minegishi at Art Beatus


Opening Reception Friday, November 21, 3 – 6pm

Meet the Artist – Shinsuke Minegishi will be in attendance at the opening reception

We are pleased to present resurrection, the second solo print exhibition of local artist Shinsuke Minegishi at Art Beatus (Vancouver). Born and raised in Tokyo, Minegishi was profoundly affected by the catastrophic earthquake and consequent tsunami that hit Tōhoku, Japan in March of 2011. Three months later, the artist visited his hometown of Tokyo where he saw firsthand the continued devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunami on the nation. It was out of his experience and observation of this time that compelled Minegishi to produce the two print series, ‘fragility’ and ‘resurrection’, both which are included in resurrection.

This exhibition features work from the ‘fragility’ series which focuses on the immediate effects of the earthquake and tsunami while the majority of the work in the exhibition belong to the ‘resurrection’ series, a continuation of the ‘fragility’ series. As deeply disturbed as Minegishi was by what he witnessed in Japan, he was also astonished by people’s “…determination to survive and the willpower needed to rise from unthinkable disaster.” It was out of this unexpected observation that inspired the prints in the ‘resurrection’ series.

The prints in this exhibition are reassuringly optimistic as they have a bright, Andy Warhol-like colour palette while the iconography used – blithe children, birds, fish, a potted plant, a leaf, a tree, and a baby – are symbols usually associated with life and growth. These technically masterful prints are striking, layered and complex. Not only is Minegishi capable of constructing such compelling representations of such complex ethos, he uses several different types of printmaking techniques, such as silkscreen, woodcut, wood engraving, lino and lithography, which are a credit to his level of knowledge, experience and mastery as a printmaker.

Shinsuke Minegishi is a multiple award-winning print and book artist, educator and print studio technician whose works are in numerous public collections around the world. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Minegishi moved to North America as a young adult before settling in Vancouver, BC where he still currently resides.

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