Rolex In The Watch Industry ‘s Reputation And Sales


Rolex In The Watch Industry ‘s Reputation And Sales

Rolex enter China as early Swiss brands in the country has a high reputation, and now rolex replica in the global watch industry have a high reputation and sales, status extraordinary. replica rolex table has a high degree of recognition, in addition to brand crown shaped logo, from the shape of the watch also has a lot of distinctive features. Brand’s logo is important, but will not exceed a maximum of 50 mm dial, I want to clearly see the brand’s logo, it is not an easy thing to do, so recognizable, the watch features shape is particularly important. rolex replica is most well-known advocates of the brand is its Oyster case, which is also the symbol of the brand waterproof performance . Oyster case in the history of contemporary watchmaking reached an important milestone. This device invented by Rolex in 1926, the assembly of the patent system under the rotating outer ring, bottom and middle of the crown case, is the world ‘s first waterproof case for the watch . Today, the case of the seal structure ensures that all oyster for sale waterproof to a depth of at least 100 m, Submariner dive watches up to 300 meters, while the Rolex Deepsea model but also a depth of 3,900 meters .

For waterproof watch, the crown waterproofing treatment is very important, Rolex crown from near ten parts, with screws in the pipe, and became an integral part of the case . This is rolex replicas for the first time in the history of watchmaking creation waterproof crown, the seal table protected world, with tables outside moist natural world connected. Crown not only fully sealed case, the main function of the watch more operations . Pull out the crown to adjust the time, date, day of week or time zone display, or need to watch Manual . rolex replicas Twill padlock lock and three in the pipe crown set two or three sealing area, such as a submarine hatch sealed waterproof . In addition to high performance waterproof Oyster case with table mirror is convex, a replicas de rolex feature . Scuttle convex Rolex invented in the early 1950s, the assembly at Oyster watch among many, can be Calendar display magnification 2.5 times, easy to read calendar . lenses and mirrors launched at the beginning, with the same one made โ€‹โ€‹of plexiglass replica rolex watches is not used in all of this lens design, such as in recent years, a large hot Rolex Deepsea ” Ghosts “, table mirror on the calendar portion of the lens without amplification .

Right replica rolex watches, the form and function is often closely linked, especially the Oyster watch vivid essential outer ring . Over the years, a variety of outer ring have been published for different styles of watches bring a new feature. At this year’s Baselworld, the rolex replica watches of the new Greenwich type II for the first time the use of blue, black color CERACHROM ceramic word circle, making this watch by the high degree of discussion . rolex replica watches in addition to being well-known Oyster case, there are this many distinctive features, such as long-lasting power of self- movement, stylized three-row chain strap or makes fine fine music Road 904L stainless steel, etc., are all about watches rolex replica permanent topic, do not give a detailed account of this, it is better to see this year’s new Rolex watch, in which it is to find a new watch watch rolex replica imprint and innovation.

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