SSI Pottery Show and Sale


The Salt Spring potters are emerging, blinking, from their solitary studios to come together for the Annual Show and Sale at Mahon Hall. This is an event not to miss.

The Stage Gallery will hold a splendid array of vessels created by many of the artists, while on the main floor there will be booths displaying pots that represent the work of individuals. Also on the main floor will be a mug table, where, if you are early you may find the mug that fits your hand perfectly, or possibly four.

The Salt Spring Potters Guild is a true Guild that has members from beginners to master potters. They meet monthly to learn, encourage and support one another. Come enjoy this event, meet the potters and see what is forged from our hands, heart and clay.

Mahon Hall, Salt Spring Island;
Friday, September 19th, 5 to 7 PM opening.
Saturday, 20th 10 AM to 4 PM.



Show & Sale