“Strands” – Paintings by Mimi Chen Ting at Art Beatus


Opening Reception Friday April 11, 3 – 6pm

Meet the Artist – Mimi Chen Ting will be in attendance

We are pleased to present a selection of paintings by artist and dancer Mimi Chen Ting in her first solo exhibition in Vancouver at Art Beatus. The title of this exhibition, Strands, refers to “elements that form part of a complex whole.” According to Ting, these elements are various eclectic sources of inspiration for her paintings:

…the Marin Headlands which jut courageously west looking toward the Pacific Ocean sunsets; the unabated mountain fire visible just outside my bedroom window, its smoke obscuring the clarity that I have always counted on in the New Mexico high desert; shadows that become broken when the first leaves of spring reach out for the sun.

Although Ting’s paintings emanate a meditative quietness and serenity, they also possess a warm whimsy, like a child (or an artist) at play who lives for the rush of delight in discovery. Ting describes her creative process as:

Feeling my way between alternating layers of new marks while selectively hiding old ones, I mine the incidental intersections, overlaps, and spaces in between for clues and revelations. When emerging contours and colours resonate, they become the bedrock for expansion and elaboration…it excites me when dynamic interactions between colours and forms come to life.

Ting’s work also has a sense of movement, full of kinetic and potential energy, such as the ribbons in Currents (2011) that bend and curl capriciously while there are bubbling organic forms in Winter 1 (2012). One imagines that as these forms move, colours change as they overlap or intersect with each other, or maybe even spontaneously reproduce new “strands”.

Currently based in New Mexico and California, Mimi Chen Ting was born in Shanghai, China and moved to Hong Kong as a young child with her family. She relocated to California to pursue her studies and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Art from San Jose University in 1969 and a Master’s degree in Art from California State University in 1976. Ting has been exhibiting her work for over 40 years and her work is part of numerous private, public and corporate collections.

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