Summer Group Exhibition – Works by Joe Chang, Ross C. Kelly, Shyh-Charng Lo and Shinsuke Minegishi


*Please note there will not be an opening reception for this exhibition

Art Beatus (Vancouver) Consultancy Ltd is pleased to present a special selection of works by a few of our gallery artists to reflect the warmer days of this season in Summer Group Exhibition.

The whimsical and picturesque watercolour paintings by animator and visual artist, Joe Chang, are works that were used as backgrounds for his animated short film, The Chinese Violin (2002) – his first film for the National Film Board of Canada about a little girl and her father who emigrate from China to Canada where they hope and dream of a better future. ● Ross C. Kelly’s popular series of cityscape photocollages are constructed with numerous tiles of photographs of the same scene shot several times in various conditions – such as at different times of day, different seasons and different weather – to compose an image of a city that is constantly changing that cannot simply be represented in a single tidy, seamless shot. ● Named after the date that he begins work on his painting such as March 27, 2006, Shyh-Charng Lo’s oil on canvas landscapes of mountains and sea are serene, meditative and harmonious in colour and form. The landscapes have minimal details; however, they are still recognizably representational and are evocative of a tranquil, and even perhaps a nostalgic world that still has an element of immanence, of the here and now. ● The technical mastery of the prints by Shinsuke Minegishi is unequivocal and the imagery that he creates is equally as compelling and fascinating. Minegishi utilizes various printing methods, such as silk screening, woodcut printing, wood engraving and polymer plate printing, which give his colourful prints a wonderfully layered and collaged look that sometimes even look three dimensional.

About the Artists

Award-winning animated filmmaker and visual artist, Joe Chang, made a feature-length animated film, The Magic Train (2015), and several short animated films, including The Chinese Violin (2002) for the National Film Board of Canada. As well as being featured in numerous film festivals around the world, his artwork has also been exhibited and collected by many museums and art galleries. Chang is based in both Hangzhou, China and Vancouver, Canada and is currently a guest professor at China Academy of Art in Hangzhou.

Born in Ireland and now a resident of Vancouver, Ross C. Kelly has a diverse educational background; he has studied geology at the London Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine and Psychology at the American College in Dublin before earning a diploma in photography and a postgraduate diploma in art history from the University of British Columbia. Kelly is currently finishing the low residence MAA program at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. His photo-based work has been exhibited in various galleries throughout Canada, Ireland, the UK, Turkey, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Shyh-Charng Lo was born in Nagano, Japan, raised in Taiwan and eventually immigrated to Canada in 1974. He earned a Bachelor and Master in Anthropology and Archaeology as well as a Master of Museum Studies before becoming a full time, self-taught artist residing in Vancouver. Lo has been exhibiting extensively for over three decades and his work can be found in collections from North America and Asia.

A longtime faculty member at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Shinsuke Minegishi is a multiple award-winning print and book artist, educator and print studio technician whose works can be found in numerous exhibitions and public collections around the world. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Minegishi moved to North America as a young adult before settling in Vancouver.

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