The South Pacific’s Te Vaka to perform in Victoria October 16th, 2015


The South Pacific’s Te Vaka to perform in Victoria
October 16th, 2015

Te Vaka, an infectious South Pacific band composed of Polynesian drums and world beat rhythms drawn on its roots in the cultures of Tokelau, Samoa, Cook Islands and the New Zealand Maori and mingled with today’s funk, pop and rock sensibilities, will be performing in Victoria at the Alix Goolden Performance Hall for the first time since 2010.

Considered one of the greatest South Pacific bands of all time, an incredible Polynesian-rock fusion group, Te Vaka will be composing the music for the new Disney animated feature, Moana, scheduled for a November 2016.

The Maui News said Te Vaka is “adrenaline-powered, bare-midriffed, percussion-pulsed, infectiously happy, beautiful people bringing ancient traditions into the modern world” With Opetaia on vocals and lead guitar, using open tunings often associated with slack key techniques, the band brings its lively energy to a mix of traditional and modern instruments, from log drums to electric guitar, bass and keyboards. The beauty of the rich vocal harmonies, dancing that evokes Pacific traditions, and the poetry of lyrics in Tokelau and Samoan languages belie the serious intent of many of the songs, which address current issues in the Pacific including climate change, family and cultural displacement, the more recent tolls of the tsunami in Samoa and drug culture among indigenous youth, as well as pure uplifting music

This concert is being presented by Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP) and the South Pacific Island Community of Victoria

The group of 9 performers originate from across Polynesia, including Tokelau, Cook Islands, New Zealand, and Samoa. Te Vaka has performed in 38 different countries, released 7 CDs and the band are working on their 8th release this summer. Te Vaka has appeared at London’s Royal Albert hall, the Beijing Olympics, headlined music festivals in Europe and have been a favourite at WOMAD festivals around the world. Awards include: Best Polynesian Music Award at the 2011 Hawai’i Music Awards, Best Pacific Group twice at the Pacific Music Awards as well as awards for Best Pacific Language song.

PPP is a Victoria based non-profit organization that works in support of indigenous peoples throughout the South Pacific and Canada; developing connections between peoples who similarly seek to uphold their cultures, languages, environment, and rights.

Te Vaka’s music parallels the goals of PPP as it celebrates the Polynesian cultures with language, dance, and rhythm, while the lyrics speak of the history of the South Seas and the effects of global warming on their sensitive environments.

Te Vaka will perform:
Date: October 16, 2015, Doors at 6:30 pm , Show at 7:30 pm
Place: Alix Goolden Performance Hall, 907 Pandora, Victoria, BC
Tickets: $35 for adults and $20 for under 18
Tickets available: Tevakavictoria.eventbrite.com & Alcheringa Gallery, 665 Fort St & Pacific Peoples’ Partnership @ 407, 620 View St. Victoria
For more information call 250-419-1572 or visit www.pacificpeoplespartnership.org or email: info@pacificpeoplespartnership.com