The Way We See It


Coming to the O’Connor Group Art Gallery at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre from July 4- Aug 3 is The Way We See It exhibit, featuring Chilliwack artists: Zidonja Ganert, Greg Laxton-Ekberg & Vickie Legere. As artists we see the world through the eyes of wonder. Consciously or unconsciously we see possibilities & potential – assessing the light, composition, or shape & form; savouring the germ of an idea to be incorporated into a future piece of visual art, be it a painting or photograph. We, as artists are free to explore any medium or visual style to express our message to the world. The audience sees the world from the artists’ perspective – yet still has the freedom to experience their own interpretation & emotional response to the image displayed. We create art to say ‘something’ about what we feel about the subject – not just to make a pretty picture.Opening reception is July 6, 1-3pm. Everyone welcome. Gallery hours are Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 5 pm. Gallery may be open for 1 hour before most shows in the Cultural Center. Admission is free. See website for info: www.oconnorgroupartgallery.com



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