Thousand Dreams of Flowers – Paintings by Katie Cheung


Meet the artist – Opening reception February 7, 2014, 3-6pm

We are pleased to debut Katie Cheung’s new works in her second solo exhibition, Thousand Dreams of Flowers, at Art Beatus (Vancouver).

Katie’s paintings are an exploration of colour and form that result in vibrant, emotive canvases, and she has developed a visual language that brings into play a relationship between representation and abstraction. Her goal is to bring pleasure to the visual experience and convey a sense of delight in the world around us.

–Keith Wallace, Associate Director/Curator at Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery and Editor-in-Chief at Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art

Katie Cheung is a soulful painter imbued with the Romantic notion of drawing upon imagination and emotion as sources of artistic inspiration. In her collection of paintings of peonies in Thousand Dreams of Flowers, she insisted upon painting not from real life but from out of her own imagination in what she describes as an “attempt to recreate the artist’s world within” by “call[ing] upon the beauty of flowers to express my inner emotions.”

Katie approaches each piece as a separate work independent of the previous one, resulting in a diversity of stylistic elements and emotional tone among her paintings. Some are quietly serene, some are delightfully ethereal, and some are mysterious while others are bursting with colourful vitality. Lyrical and lively with intuitive use of colours and brushstrokes, Katie’s painterly style embodies the experimental as well as the experiential.

No matter how stylistically diverse the flower motif is depicted, all the paintings evoke a sense of beauty and sensuality, as if one can almost smell its scent lingering from out of the painting. Although Katie Cheung may not paint from real life, she is still able to seemingly breathe life into her paintings.

Vancouver-based artist Katie Cheung was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada in 1969. She studied fine arts at Langara College before graduating from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Katie has been exhibiting her work for over 20 years and has had various residencies in Canada, USA, Mexico, India and Thailand. She also has a published a catalogue of her paintings and poems titled, Apple from My Heart.