Unity Art Exhibition – The Galleria, Port Moody Civic Centre


The Port Moody Baha’i Community is hosting a Unity Celebration on October 21 at the Inlet Theater and would like to invite local artists to present their work at an upcoming Art Exhibition.

We’re expecting over 200 guests and dignitaries at the event that officiates the Unity Art Exhibition on Oct 21. The art exhibition itself will remain open to the public for viewing till Oct 25 in the Galleria at the Port Moody Civic Center.

All artists will receive honorarium for their contribution. Also, artists who wish to sell their artwork are welcome to do so. We will place a special marker on such artwork displayed at the exhibition, where interested buyers may contact the artist directly. The organizers are not charging any fee for this service. However, all artwork (sold or not) must remain in display till October 25, when the exhibition ends


Unity Art Exhibition – Visual Arts (painting,mixed media & sculpture). Notice to artists: Aug 30. Selected Art Drop-off: Oct 14. Exhibition: Oct 21 to 25 at The Galleria, Port Moody Civic Center.

To register please visit www.unityportmoody.com/art
Email enquiries to unitypomo@gmail.com

Thank you.



Call for Submissions