Written Connections


The longstanding art of letter writing is said to be dying in light of our current technology. Emails are short, texts even shorter with abbreviations and emoticons used to keep messages under a character limit. A snail mail revolution is not a new idea, there is some resurgence of pen-pals, and care-package swaps, but most people still send their thanks, short greetings, or notes of birthday wishes in the form of facebook posts. When was the last time we sent a message through the mail to a friend or loved one? What connections are we missing by signing onto our computer or phone and tweeting a broad message about our day in 144 characters or less?

Written Connections tells the tale of the story behind handwritten letters. With technology changing our correspondence to one another and in most cases shortening it, much is lost in the communication. Using collage, paint, pen & ink, photography, and electronics, Written Connections looks at what is communicated beyond the written word and works to reveal how much is lost without handwritten letters.