A Colour Mixing Delight: Cobalt Turquoise in Watercolour

February 16, 2021

You won’t get bored working with Cobalt Turquoise!




While it is a beautiful colour coming straight from the tube, Opus Essential Watercolour in Cobalt Turquoise (PB36) can add some real charm or drama to your painting, depending on how it’s mixed.



Turquoise Mix 2



Adding a Permanent Quin. Magenta can give you a greyed violet. A Green Gold mix can transform into a vibrant green Spring-like colour in front of your eyes.  Mixing a dab of Payne’s Gray can really set a dramatic mood for your painting. Try adding some Opera Rose for a granulated, wild ride thanks to the size of the particles.  A drop of Cobalt Turquoise into a dark wash will push and pop against the darker colour.













Turquoise Mix 1




Being opaque, thick strokes of Cobalt Turquoise in the final stages of a painting can also add a light value that adds an accent over darks that aren’t possible with a more transparent colour. You can create lovely washes with more transparent qualities by starting with a Phthalo Green & Phthalo Blue combined then rounding it out with a Cobalt Turquoise.

Keep experimenting with Cobalt Turquoise mixes in your palette and you’ll discover a new world of fun and remember sometimes a colour you really dislike can become a new favourite with a good mix. Things that look the best are usually the experiments you didn’t expect.


Opus Essential Cobalt Turquoise is available in 8ml & 15ml tubes plus is in our Opus Essential Compact Watercolour Pan set of 12.





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