Add Vibrance to Your Studio with New Liquitex Acrylic Ink Colors

October 1, 2021

When was the last time you introduced something new to your art practice?

Acrylic Inks continue to be on trend and are an exciting way to bring different techniques and effects to your work.

Now, Liquitex is bringing you even more ways to create with the release of 20 new 30 ml Acrylic Ink colors, including fluorescent and iridescent hues. 

Designed with artist feedback and needs in mind, each new color was meticulously selected to bring something new to complement the existing Liquitex Acrylic Ink range. These 20 beautiful new colors are highly pigmented, clean, vivid and add exhilarating brightness to the range. 

Bismuth Yellow: An iconic watercolor shade, now available in Acrylic Ink. This bright, opaque cool lemon yellow is perfect for mixing clean, bright greens. With a slight greenish yellow tone, it allows you to mix colors you wouldn’t otherwise be able to mix with Cadmium Yellow Light Hue or Yellow Medium Azo.


Yellow Deep: A rich, warm transparent yellow that dilutes/granulates to reveal a bright, lighter ‘sunset yellow’. 


Yellow Orange: An intense, semi-opaque, bright clean yellow orange that brings a yellowish orange to the range.


Bright Orange: Since the existing color range was missing a true orange, this bright, semi-opaque warm orange is the first semi-opaque orange in the range.


Naphthol Red Light: This new bright, intense red is a key addition to the range, creating bright, clean color mixes. A brighter equivalent to the existing Naphthol Crimson, its warm, orange undertone sets it apart from other reds in the spectrum.


Perylene Maroon: Brighter and less purple than Muted Pink, this intense blood-red color creates a dramatic range of ‘red wine’ shades while providing a balance across the temperature of the palette.


Rubine Red: A unique new color, Rubine Red is stronger and more dominant than existing Quinacridone Magenta that creates cool red tones, beautiful pink tints and rose petal washes. Impossible to mix, Rubine Red is an invaluable addition to any palette.


Purple: A deep color which granulates beautifully, revealing a deep red undertone and bringing a nice middle value reddish purple to the range.


Prism Violet: A bright purple which when diluted reveals a multitude of shades — similar to an amethyst crystal. Both Purple and Prism Violet complement existing Deep Violet, with Purple being deeper with more red tones, and Prism Violet being brighter with more blue tones.


Phthalocyanine Blue (Red Shade): A new counterpart to Phthalocyanine Blue (Green Shade), this color allows for good purple mixing with red undertones and subtle granulation resembling denim.


Turquoise: This strong, bright green is reminiscent of Viridian Green and becomes more aqua green when diluted. It’s brighter than Turquoise Deep and Muted Green and less yellow than Phthalocyanine Green (Yellow Shade).


Hooker’s Green Hue Permanent: A beautiful, subtle deep green named for 19th century English botanical painter William Hooker. 


Sepia: Another iconic watercolor shade, this cooler, deep brown complements existing Transparent Burnt Sienna, Transparent Burnt Umber and Transparent Raw Umber. This dark brown is suitable for creating dark colors and blacks.


Iridescent Rose Gold: The first of its kind, this beautiful opaque color is only available in Acrylic Ink, and reveals an iridescent luster with hints of rose and gold tones.


Fluorescent Colors: These vivid mid-range Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Blue and Green colors are made with polymer coated dyes to boast eye-catching fluorescence.


Acrylic Ink is the most fluid acrylic in the Liquitex Professional color range, bringing you permanent, water resistant color that creates a watercolor effect with no dyes or fade. Unlike other inks, Liquitex Acrylic Ink uses finely milled pigment and dries quickly and permanently for  intense, pure and lightfast color in a wide range of opacities.