Behind The Scenes of Your Creative Workspace

October 7, 2021

In our most recent Opus Virtual Gallery, #OpusCreativeLife, we invited you to show us where you create, be it a corner of your kitchen table, a professional loft studio, or something in between. We loved all of the spaces that were submitted, and are excited to share a few of the highlights. Settle in and get inspired to make your workspace even more creativity-friendly!

Sarah Sandeman, Bringing life through interpretations of landscapes & florals.Interior designer 


A little break in the ‘Painting a Day challenge’ posts as @opusartsupplies inspired me to share where I escape to every morning before the family wakes up. This has truly become my favourite place in the world to create. #opuscreativelife

Nicole Norris, BC  artist

Relaxing day

I’m having a quiet relaxing weekend, starting with an hour of painting. I love this time of day when the light from my northern window is so bright and lights up my workspace perfectly. I took video of my studio for a studio tour but still haven’t edited it. So that’s coming next week.


Peggie Collins Design at Gallery One Twenty-seven.

A sneak peak of my studio and gallery!

What makes it my favourite place to hang out?

Bright light for working, beautiful views when I’m not! A mix of old and new for my storage needs, being surrounded by little things I love and wall space to hang my work!

I am sooo blessed to have this wonderful place to paint and be inspired! ❤️

Drop by for a visit I would love to meet you!


Susan Pearson, Illustrator and Watercolour Artist

A good nights sleep, a cup of freshly brewed coffee and morning light coming in my east facing window. This time of year I find a vast selection of inspiration. Sprigs, seed heads and plant foliage found in our community garden and surrounding neighbour hood. I portray a collage of images in my favourite medium watercolour!


Christine, explore the many facets of art creation as she embrace diversity with a variety of media in her work.

My outdoor studio where Cyanotype creation happens. The sunlight or UV light activates the chemicals to develop the image. This piece is part of the “Elder Project” a look at how artists continue to create and explore as we gain years, how creating art keeps us young!

A peak behind the scenes, the darkroom where I prepare to create Cyanotypes and
hang them to dry once they’re made.



After working out of a Rubbermaid bin for 2 1/2 years and about to take Nancy Crawford’s encaustic course, I was ready to claim a little corner of our workshop. Light has always been important to me and fortunately I have two large windows in that corner. I know there’ll be challenges with storing pieces, sharing the space with a woodworker and such, but I’ll get creative and come up with some ideas to make it work. I’m very excited about my studio and I encourage anyone to seek out some little corner to make your own.

Kathleen Slavin, Abstract, Floral, Landscape, Painter, Still Life


Pandemic July I perked up my studio with help from granddaughter organizer par excellent: painted walls, installed checkerboard floor, ditched stuff, lined rough shelves. Love my garage studio and car is ok outside. Est. 5 years ago studio is heated and insulated for SASK winters. Good air cleaner, windows north and west, ceiling lights, furniture folds or wheels except shelves so flexible per project. Bookshelf organized by colour and size by helper🤔. Visitors welcome by appt.


Roxy Querouz, Abstract Contemporary Artist

Long weekend! I made sure to do all the housekeeping before Labour Day (ha!) and now it’s just relaxation and meditation in my art “studio”. It’s not much, but it’s mine and I love it.


We hope you’re inspired to consider your workspace no matter how small or large, what works for you and what might be improved. You can see all of the entries into the #OpusCreativeLife Virtual Gallery for great ideas and even more inspiring spaces!

Join us for the next segment of our Opus Virtual Gallery #OpusCreativeLife and share your works in progress until November 3, 2021 for a chance to be featured in an Opus article and WIN a $50 Opus Gift Card.