Beyond Boundaries with Glenys Takala

April 14, 2021
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Glenys Takala

Glenys Takala has been a member of the FCA for over twenty years. Currently residing in the Kootenays, she is the recipient of numerous awards, including third place in the 2020 ‘On The Edge’ competition. She draws inspiration from nature, horticulture and architecture, creating colourful design and shape-driven paintings.  

I’ve been a bit involved with the FCA almost as long as I’ve been painting. Living in remote areas, I didn’t have access to a broader audience and my membership provided me with a first glimpse into what life could be like as a professional artist.

The FCA opened the door to a wider community, and showed me different types of art, a lot of which I hadn’t come across before.


Over the years, I’ve been in quite a few juried exhibitions. Good competition is good for the practice – it keeps you motivated and keeps you wanting to do better. When you’re first starting out, I think it’s super important to take that initial step and find an appropriate show to enter.


You’re always going to get visibility when you put yourself out there, no matter what your skill level.

It’s exciting and it will introduce you to other artists and collectors as well as encourage you to stay on the journey. You need that when you’re creating art!

Contemporary Living, Kitsilano by Glenys Takala

Contemporary Living, Kitsilano by Glenys Takala


‘On The Edge’ is a fantastic opportunity for artists to utilize their technical ability, and shift that knowledge into something new, something out of their ordinary practice and approach, and possibly create something extraordinary in the process.

I really like that ‘On The Edge’ doesn’t celebrate “perfection”. Rather, and perhaps more importantly, it encourages artists to embrace spontaneity and innovation.

One of the hardest things I ever did in my life was to push myself from being more of a realist painter into the semi-abstract and abstract space. It was totally terrifying but also exhilarating and I was really rewarded nicely for taking that plunge.

It was such an honor to get recognition from the judges. Their approval affirmed I was moving in the right direction, confirming it was good to take risks and try something new.

You get comfortable with every level of attainment you reach. For myself, as soon as there’s any level of comfort, I have to go, ‘OK, that was that’s great but it’s time to push off again and let’s see where it goes.’ I’m getting better at taking that leap of faith and going into the unknown.

Glenys Takala gallery

Glenys Takala gallery







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