Conversations With Nature Gallery

May 2, 2022

An artist must possess nature. They must identify them-self with her rhythm, by efforts that will prepare the mastery which will later allow them-self to express it in their own language.  

– Henri Matisse

Discover the highlights from our local community of artists participating in our Conversations With Nature gallery. April’s theme was living a greener practice, and these artists were chosen for bringing out this theme in their work and story.  Living a greener practice is not easy and can be overwhelming. We’re learning, it’s not how much you do but that you’re starting.

Sylvia Griffin

So blessed to live here on the West Coast. Nothing is more inspiring than being outdoors – whether walking on the peaceful trails in our mossy rainforest or feeling the mist and rush of the wind of the fierce ocean off the rugged rocks. I painted a scene from a long sandy beach at low tide.

Monica Gewurz, Contemporary international collected artist with luminous, textured art.  

I believe that art can and must play an important role in conveying the environmental action narrative.
I use mixed media, for its capacity to reach beyond the visual, to a more tactile experience. The complex surface and depth are created using multiple techniques; overlaying thin and thick layers of opaque and translucent acrylic colour gels, incorporating and layering a myriad of salvaged and wasted industrial materials such as plastic, glass, paper, fabric, aluminum foil, acrylic paints. Because of my science background, I sometimes aim to communicate via my art main issues pertaining to the environment. In addition to eliciting an emotional response, an artist needs to capture people’s attention and make a lasting impact not to mention raise some eyebrows. I often use upcycled man-made materials, to show that one can use repurposed materials to convey the message to the viewer on the importance of decreasing our carbon footprint.

Instagram: @mgdesignsca


Lyn Verra-Lay,

Upcycling Wearables: a Greener Practice.

As part of an immigrant family that had little money, I wore many hand-me-downs and pre-loved clothing when I was a child. I was always thrilled to get clothing from the older kids in my neighbourhood, so thrifting was exciting to me. I’ve worn thrifted items throughout my life, as I feel we don’t always have to buy new. This is reflected in my art practice as well. I hand dye (new) silk and cotton scarves but also give thrifted items a new life by over dyeing them with fresh new colours. I feel it’s my responsibility to think about the planet while creating art.

Instagram: @lyn.verra.lay

Heather Himmel, watercolor artist who loves to paint the joy and light of living on the west coast of British Columbia

‘Majesty Revealed’ watercolour on Arches watercolour paper- The magnificence of nature inspires me to honor her by searching for less invasive supplies, tools, and techniques for creating art. Let’s together lessen our environmental impact and keep the majesty in nature.

Instagram: @raincoastlight



Conversations With Nature – Art In The Garden


Step out into the garden with your art and story. The micro ecosystem of a garden is a representation for the greater world.

Whether we’re heading outside to paint plein air or exploring the nature of our mind, this spring we embark on Creative Journeys – vibrant voyages of interconnection, with our creative selves leading the way.