Embellish with Metallic Colours from Winsor & Newton

November 26, 2021

Highly sought after to create impressions of metals like gold, silver, and copper. Metallic colours add embellishment, dimension and character to artwork.  These are colours with a polished metal finish and satisfying shine. An effect which can only be achieved with metallic colours, as the shine derives from light reflecting off the surface at various angles, thanks to the pigments used in metallic colour ranges.  

In history, if an artist was keen on creating the impression of gold in their work, they would use a metallic colour that glittered like real gold or use gold leaf in the desired areas. We’re lucky today, to have a wide range of metallic colours options from Winsor & Newton to achieve these sought-after effects.

Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink 

Intense, shimmery colour, perfect for adding highlights and texture.

Take advantage and dive into the wonders of metallic colours with this set of four high quality Winsor & Newton drawing inks – Gold, Silver, White and Black.

Use Gold or Silver straight from the bottle or mix with other inks to create shimmering metallic colours. The white ink can be mixed with colour to create pastel shades or used on dried artwork for strong highlights.

Winsor & Newton’s Black Indian Ink is a water-based solution of traditional Chinese stick ink, ideal for outlines, blocking areas or creating darker shades of colours. Gold, Silver and White work well on black or dark paper.

ProMarker Metallics 

Intense, shimmery colour, perfect for adding highlights and texture.

We love that the Promarker metallic colours offer intense, shimmery colour.  Which is perfect for adding highlights and texture to your designs. It also blends well with water to create further metallic effects. Each pen is twin-tipped, with a broader bullet nib suitable for filling in large areas, and a smaller one for detailed work.


Taking advantage of Promarker Metallic markers’ water-based pigmented inks, means strong vibrant colours! Which is ideal for mixed media work.

Exploring the Winsor & Newton range of metallic oil paint, this film shows the variety that can be found in their metallics: they have 6 different metallic oil paints and an Iridescent White. The colours have very different effects when used over light and dark surfaces and, by creating a glaze with these colours, you can highlight specific details in your work, or cover a large area with a glaze that shimmers.