How To Make A Home Studio You’ll Love

August 26, 2021

The weather is changing and students are going back to school. Perfect timing to change a couple of things in your studio or to create your dream studio! Here are a couple tips to get closer to that dream studio.

Find Your Creative Nook

Setting up a spot for your art supplies, works in progress, and creativity to happen helps make jumping into your art at the moment of inspiration quick and easy! Take a look around your home and test out some options that may work. It can be a corner of a room or an unused space like a basement or shed.

Also, depending on the medium you are using, you may need to have good ventilation. Allowing any fumes to flow out of your space is important for health and safety. 

Bring in the light

Light is one of the most important aspects to your creative space. Having natural light can elevate your workspace whether its a skylight or window. A north-facing window is ideal for it will provide consistent light during the day. This is really beneficial when painting still life and keeping the same shadows over the course of the painting is ideal. If you do not have access to north-facing windows or are working during evening  hours, a good quality lamp can go a long way. Look for a lamp that mimics daylight or has a natural tone to it. This will allow for greater colour accuracy in your work.

image and art by @camilladerrico

Find the right easel for your desire

Finding the right easel can depend on your preferred medium, space available, and size of projects you plan to work on. 

  • If you mostly work on smaller canvases and panels or are looking for a small foot-print, then a table easel may work best for you. 


  • If you’re planning on working on large canvases, make sure your easel is strong enough to support it. Also, picking an easel with wheels underneath can help you enjoy all the space you have.


  • If you paint plein air or travel with your easel, a box easel might be the best solution. Easy to store away with everything you need and once you need it, flip it open.

Have a home for everything

Supplies and artwork can quickly overwhelm your creative space as it’s easy to start collecting! Designate a spot for everything from big canvases to your pencil collection to aid in your workflow and make the space inviting. Shelves can help keep supplies organized, visible, and in reach. Being able to see your colours and mediums at a glance help you to know what you are working with and can inspire. Another great option is a mobile cart. The mobility of the cart allows you to pull them out when needed and easily hide them away. This is also handy when working on a project that requires multiple mediums. 

Keep it clean

Take the time to go through everything you have. This doesn’t need to happen every month, but it’s a good idea when you’re in a creative block and need to take a step back from your current projects. Take inventory of what is expired and what you’re no longer using. You may even find a forgotten favourite! A clean studio environment can give more room for your creativity to run wild.

Image by Darren Lebeuf

Get inspired by everything around you 

Decorate your space with things that inspire you and create a moodboard of the things you love. It’s also useful to paint out color swatches of the paints you use and how they mix with others. Give yourself the time to frame and hang up your finished pieces to admire the beautiful work you’ve made. Refresh your environment every so often to keep inspiration flowing.