Old Holland Oil Paints: The Paint Of The Old Masters

May 2, 2022

This season, Opus Art Supplies is bringing in open stock of Old Holland Oil Paints, as part of The Collection.

We are glad to include this line of oil paints that uses centuries-old traditional recipes in our curated selection of storied art supplies.

old holland, since 1664, logo

Old Holland

In 1664, various Old Dutch master painters established Old Holland. Now, centuries later, Old Holland still uses their recipes to make your colours.

Colours Made Using Ancient Recipes

Old Holland makes oil colours using the traditional recipes and the production process used by the Old Dutch masters. Nothing surpasses the quality, colour strength and intensity. You can still admire the proof, hanging in the biggest museums. The splendour of Old Holland colours and pigments can still be seen in the paintings of the most famous Dutch masters, such as Vermeer, Van Gogh and Hals.

Old traditional paintmaking tools at the Old Holland Museum
Paint recipes written by the Founding Fathers of Old Holland.

Tradition Reinforced By Technology

What has changed at Old Holland over time? They use new technologies, which refine and improve the Old Holland traditional production process. The pigments chosen for your oil paints are a unique mix of the best traditional colours and the best available pigments.

Traditional pigments that were not lightfast or that were no longer available on the market Old Holland has replaced with newly developed, lightfast alternatives. These colours were given the supplement ‘extra’ in the name.

The paint mixtures being ground on the triple roll mill.
Attaching the hand-painted colour examples to the Old Holland labels.

The Brand For Artists And Restorers

Artists and professional restorers in more than 50 countries use Old Holland colours. They all know that Old Holland gives you the results you have in mind.

three painters working on paintings.

Inspiration For Generations

The Old Dutch masters’ paintings are hundreds of years old. You can still enjoy their splendour. Use Old Holland Oil Paints to immortalise your creations for generations to come. This is the motivation and inspiration for Old Holland that drives them to continue to create the best colours from the best ingredients: the eternal splendour of painting.

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