Start With A Surface As Unique As Your Work

February 28, 2022

Why Use An Opus Custom Canvas?

Many artists choose custom surfaces for projects that require either specific dimensions, stronger supports, or a specific type of canvas or linen. Opus can assemble stretcher bars from as small as 8 x 8″ to as large as 78 x 96″. Size specifications can be made to 1/16th of an inch. In addition, we have 6 cotton canvas weights, 2 linen options, AND to option to choose unprimed canvas for artists who prefer to size and prime their own surfaces.

Canvas weights will have different size restrictions due to roll length. Slim profile bars will have a max size of 60″ before tension warping will occur.

We also want to mention that our custom canvases are professionally crafted and made locally here in Canada to your specification.

Starting Your Surfaces Strong

At the Opus workshop here in Vancouver, we start each Custom Stretched Canvas or Linen with your choice of heavy-duty pine stretcher bars in a depth of ¾” or 1 ½”.  These custom stretcher bars are glue-joined. Lastly, we combine our stretchers with our cross-braces and gussets for unmatched strength.

Next, we take your canvas or linen of choice and professionally stretch it over the frame. Your superior surface is just about ready for your work to begin!

Opus Custom Canvas VS. Opus Finest Canvas

Simply put, they are the same! Our Opus Finest Canvases are the most popular canvas sizes and materials available from our custom service. The Opus Finest line is composed of high-grade, familiar canvas sizes for ease of purchase.

What is Cotton Duck?

Cotton canvas is the most common and popular painting surface. Cotton duck is simply another term for cotton canvas, deriving from the Dutch word “doek”, which translates as cloth, linen, or fabric.

The many types of canvas provide a variety of options for artists, to suit different needs. Several types of canvas weaves and weights are available, which affect surface quality and texture, as well as durability and tensile strength. Choose from surfaces like Clear-Primed Linen, Primed Canvas, or Raw Canvas.

The two most common types of raw canvas for painting are Regular Ounce Canvas and Numbered Duck Canvas. The weight of both types of canvas is determined by the tightness of the weave, the thread count, and the thickness of the thread.

Ordering Your Canvas From Opus

To place your order, call or visit any of our locations throughout British Columbia [Find my nearest location]. Our creative team will be happy to help you navigate the ordering process from choosing the material, to pick up or shipment across Canada. One thing to note is, canvases larger than 36” may be too large to ship safely and/or economically. Please feel free to ask about shipping and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request!

If you’re just looking for more info regarding the options or cost, our team is happy to answer any questions over the phone, in-person, or by email!