Artist Taka Sudo Teams up with HYPHA Project & Opus

August 13, 2020


Tokyo-born, BC-based artist, Taka Sudo emblazoned the cover of our first Create in June 2019. Inspired by human nature, his surroundings, and current affairs, Taka combines neon tones of spray paint with neutral colours of newsprint to amplify the spirit of daily encounters. His powerful abstracts skilfully portray our shared energy.

Since we last spoke, Taka’s been keeping busy. On top of a solo show at Beaumont Studio’s B1 Gallery, he’s done new work for Uptown Mural Project in Kelowna, Penticton’s Barking Parrot Bar, Pretty Lucid Place in Richmond, and MUJI on Robson Street, as part of Vancouver Mural Festival’s #makeartwhileapart. He’s also designed the inaugural IPA label for HYPHA Project, a new collective focussed on ‘well made beer and art’.



‘I always love to see my artworks printed on products and to see people have fun with them. It’s a great way to make art more accessible and enjoyable and for me, it’s really inspiring to think about how my work can be transferred on to an unusual surface.’

The aim of HYPHA Project is to release an ongoing series of limited edition single-batch beers with cans designed by local artists. ‘I think this is a very interesting and fun way to acquire cool artworks. You can buy tasty craft brew and also get a collectible, cool beer can. It’s a nice and easy alternative way to own your favourite artworks without spending lots of money.’


If you prefer your art hanging on the wall instead of stretched around a tin, HYPHA has teamed up with Opus to create high-quality, signed digital prints. ‘As my artworks consist of lots of fluorescent colors, I always have to modify the image digitally after scanning the original to make it look the same. I’m very stoked with how these HYPHA prints turned out – all the colours are as bright as the original.’


On his views for the future, Taka hopes this new community project, ‘can be a chance to spread more of the brightness and energy of art in this challenging time.’


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