The Look of Wood & Strength of Metal: The Quadra Framing System

January 29, 2021

The Quadra Framing System is a natural and elegant framing system for works of art on canvas.

Once assembled, the Quadra operates as a front-loading frame. It was designed for canvases 1 1/2” deep so that once the canvas is loaded in, the front of it aligns with the frame and does not protrude outwards.

The black wood veneered aluminum provides a sophisticated and secure finishing touch to your works of art on canvas.

Pre-cut framing systems are ideal for unconventional canvas sizes. With 11 lengths, the dimensions that you can create are endless! You simply select one set for the height and one for the width and connect them at their corners, which feature double hardware hinges for secure attachment.

The Quadra is made of hollow aluminum for extra rigidity and was constructed with heavier canvases in mind.

Even if your canvas is a conventional size, the wood finish to this metal frame makes it a great choice for anyone seeking a natural yet elegant frame to display their canvases with pride.