Unlock The Possibilities with Liquitex Acrylic Mediums

July 14, 2021


Whether you’re a seasoned professional artist, devoted crafter, or simply tapping into your creativity, acrylic mediums are a must-have in your studio.


Mediums allow for a wide range of techniques and effects to enhance your art practice and diversify your portfolio. Each medium is formulated to produce a different result, empowering you to customize each piece and hone your own unique style.


Liquitex launched 8 new acrylic mediums designed to add texture to your work, change sheen, and encourage you to experiment with new surfaces.

Liquitex Professional Crackle Paste

This new medium creates a structurally stable crackle effect on rigid surfaces that produces a crackled texture and opaque finish as it dries. It can be mixed with color, used on its own or painted over when dry, making it perfect for a distressed, rugged aesthetic.

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Liquitex Professional Silkscreen Medium

Transform your acrylic color into a screen printing ink by increasing flow and drying time with the Silkscreen Medium. Maintain your work’s color opacity, paint adhesion, durability and archival quality all while extending your color and lowering viscosity of heavier body paints so they don’t dry on screen.

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Liquitex Professional Gold Metallic Medium

Add a metallic gold effect when mixed with color, or add surface highlights to your piece with the Gold Metallic Medium. Create unique, luminous pieces that catch the light and add excitement to your favorite colors.

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Liquitex Professional Silver Metallic Medium

For more metallic effects, try the Silver Metallic Medium. Like other fluid mediums, both Silver Metallic and Gold Metallic Mediums extend color without impacting the acrylic stability.

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Liquitex Professional Satin Fluid Medium

Achieve a satin sheen finish while increasing color saturation and brightness with the Satin Fluid Medium. Extend your color and change the viscosity of heavy body paints with ease.

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Liquitex Professional Glass Medium

Explore new surfaces like glass, ceramics and porcelain with the Glass Medium. With a non-drip and durable formula, the Glass Medium slows drying time and allows for subtle color blends. When cured, it creates a smooth, high gloss, scratch-resistant surface.

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Liquitex Professional Masking Fluid

Looking to try something new? Masking Fluid is a colorless, non-staining rubber latex that covers and protects any area you choose when painting. Once dry, Masking Fluid easily peels off to remove the surface underneath, perfect for establishing layers and maintaining existing progress.

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Liquitex Professional Satin Gel Medium

Similar to the Satin Fluid Medium, this gel medium provides a satin sheen finish, but with more color-depth and transparency. The Satin Gel medium thickens paint, slows drying time to enhance the appearance of brush marks, and can be used as a heavy duty collage adhesive.

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Harness the power of Liquitex Acrylic Mediums to transform your paint, add structure and texture, infuse metallic flair, or embark on new creative endeavors entirely. When you introduce mediums into your practice, the possibilities are truly limitless.


Thank you to our friends at Liquitex for this article.


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