What Your Creative Community Has Been Re-Imagining & Experimenting With

January 15, 2021

Over the next few months we’re exploring the creative cycle, from inspiration through to final execution. Successfully cultivating artistic endeavours is a process, and throughout January, we’re examining step one: planting those seeds of creativity by Re-Imagining and Experimentation. Danielle Krysa, aka The Jealous Curator, has been providing some expert guidance, helping us pull out our weeds of doubt to make room for fresh ideas and creative growth. Our gallery is beginning to teem with life, full of the inventive kernels you’ve been sowing. Here’s a small selection of some of the creations starting to sprout.




Tosha Beans 


Resin. First time. So sticky! Especially when it refuses to cure… Mental note, practice batch before getting too attached to a project? Does resin expire? Maybe I need to stir better? Did you know that you can use white vinegar to clean the uncured resin goop out of your molds? I bet you didn’t!





Here are some watercolour experiments with different salts and techniques that I’m working on for a larger body of work.






Wendy Patterson


I love mixing things up! Here’s a mixed media piece. It contains wax crayon, pencil crayon, watercolor ink and a few other mediums. I’m trying all different techniques and styles this year…. I want to peg down my style, if I even have one! Lol.






Marcus James Wild


Plastic Soldier Lamp. I see myself as a creative octopus, and experimenting with dollar store toys is just one of my tentacles.










Experimenting with the new Opus Promarkers, some of my old Prismacolors and Microns Outliners.

Used the beautiful @bogiethegalah for reference 







What If Series: What if ‘The Girl With The Pearl Earring’ by Jan Vermeer was racially different, what would it look like? Would it become a classic of a classical painting?

This series starts with the aforementioned questions. What if? I am just one curious millennial. Thanks Vermeer. Who’s next? William Blake? We will see…





Jennifer Love 


‘Blossoms at the Crossroads’ – detail shots, some taken from an angle. Materials: old book pages, printed tissue paper, papers printed on a gel plate, drawings based on sketches from travels in NZ, tulips on my kitchen table, and leftover bits from previous collages. Soon to be on display at the Gibsons Public Market in Gibsons, BC.




Niki P.  


My first painting this year is about trying something different – again.

Anyone had Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters figures? When I was a kid I got a few from my dad. He bought them at flea markets, so they were used. I still remember the feeling of getting a new toy that was in its original box. I used to keep the packaging for a long time and put the toy back so I could unwrap it again and again.

These two I got a few years ago for my birthday. They came with a tiny bbq and I could open their box first. 😁




Pamela Hamilton


This past year was an experience of grief and pain that released me from my creative fears. Through that experience of deep pain I have found the joy of art which has brought new meaning into my life. I typically paint very joyful pieces as I feel inspired by a playful, fun loving spirit that guides me to create. This Opus challenge of experimenting and letting go of your inner critic has inspired me to want to put this piece out there into the world. I feel vulnerable to share this as it feels close to my heart, but I think that vulnerability is what true art is all about. For 2021, I hope to listen more to that playful spirit and to experiment fully with my creations. It is so fun to play and to try new mediums while also expressing my inner heart which is not only joyful but at times filled with deep sorrow. 



Congratulations to everyone we’ve featured! It’s exciting to see so much creative potential starting to sprout. Our gallery is still open so be sure to keep sharing for your chance to win a $50 Opus Gift Card.