A Little Watercolour- The Colour Class with Karin Huehold

September 09, 2023



Make your colour sing! 

In this fun class, we will explore the colours in your palette and some of the many ways to make the most of them. All the while creating original art!!! All levels.

Welcome to Watercolour!

Join Karin for a fun and engaging session once a month.

Art is always meditative, known to heal and considered sacred in many ways.  By quieting ourselves and spending time in an intuitive, mindful, relaxing and rewarding state, you can’t help but feel at ease and at peace.  It’s a healthy escape and a welcome reprieve. And if we can have a bit of fun along the way that’s also good for mind, body and spirit.

Join us each session to:

  • Explore many wonderful ways to create your own unique to you works of art
  • To add to your repertoire and expand your watercolour, design, and creative skills
  • Discover your own creative flow in an encouraging and fun community

Special Instructions

This program takes place on zoom; so you will need access to a computer or smart phone/ tablet  with zoom installed in order to access the session. A reminder link will be sent to you the day before the session and a recording will be send out afterwards to all registered participants.


No experience required. All levels welcome.

Registration Details

To register please visit our registration page HERE

Early bird pricing is in effect if you register at least 10 days before the program start and bursaries are available for those that may need additional support.

A confirmation email with all the program details and links will be emailed to you upon registering and if you have any questions we invite you to reach out to us at programs@naramatacentresociety.org.

We'd love to have you join us!

Suppy List

Basic Supply list:

This is my basic list for all classes. Please bring what you already have on hand. No need to pick up anything extra that you might not have. (Unless a trip to the art store sounds like awesome fun!) You can always top up your stash after class 

if there is something that you “need”!! See extra notes for particular items pertaining to each class! 

  • Paper: a few pieces of approx 6 x 8 inches  ( smaller or larger is fine too) good quality watercolour paper – Arches 140lb Cold Press or similar or good student grade
  • palette (with squeezed out paint) or whatever you have. There are some very
  • good travel kits with a good selection of colour.
  • Watercolour brushes – 3/8” dagger; a good # 6 or #8 round and a 1⁄2” or 3/4 ” flat brush, size small waterbrush (I prefer Koi Sakura brand). Any other brush shapes you might have - ie: triangle, filbert, etc. (optional)
  • lightweight board board larger than your paper
  • water spritzer, Kleenex, paper towel, water container
  • .05 black Micron Pigma pen or fine tip Sharpie or similar (waterproof and lightfast)
  • Pencil, pens (other kinds you have for embellishing), eraser, ruler, notebook/journal or sketchbook
  • Masking tape - 1⁄4” or 1⁄2” or whatever size you have. (optional - bring it if you have it!)

I will be using a full palette - bring whatever you have or enjoy using.

  • ALTHOUGH these classes are based in watercolour, you can also use any of the following that you may already have on hand also or instead of: colored markers, watercolor crayons, watercolor pencil crayon, pencil crayons, brush pens, iridescent watercolors or markers, posca pens, glaze or gellyroll pens, etc. and any other fun art supplies that might work here. 
  • Pencil, eraser, ruler or other straight edges
  • A tiny bit of salt, white wax crayon or anything else you might like to use for texture - (optional)
  • An old toothbrush
  • Fine-tipped, waterproof marker - like a sharpie - I will be using black. If you prefer, you can use any color you like!
  • Palette knife - I use a small metal diamond shaped one with a very flexible tip. A small piece of plastic like a guitar pic or an old credit card will do. If you have a brush with a chisel tipped handle, that works as well.
  • Water basin, paper towel, kleenex tissue
  • lightweight board to protect the surface you are working on.

Suggested paints if you don’t have any. 

  • I would recommend a small folding palette with at least the following: cool red like permanent rose or magenta; warm red like napthol or pyroll red; burnt sienna; raw sienna or quin gold; primary yellow; thalo blue; thalo green; ultramarine blue, cobalt teal, indigo

I recommend getting the best possible quality in your budget. There are some very good travel kits out there for reasonable prices that have a good selection of colour in them 


September 09, 2023
9:30 am - 11:00 am