Advancing your Art Practice with Michael King

May 13, 2022


When: May 13th at 11:00 am (PST)

Advancing your Art Practice

This workshop will cover five techniques you can use to improve your artwork, no matter what you paint. We will work through composition & design, identifying and maintaining your focal point, establishing your painting’s key & value structure, using colour temperature shifting for interest & movement, and using variable edges. Each, on its own, has an impact but when combined brings significant life and interest to your work.



Hansa Yellow Medium

Cadmium Red Medium

Permanent Alizarin Crimson

Cerulean Blue Hue

Cobalt Blue

Ultramarine Blue

Transparent Earth Red

Yellow Ochre

Viridian Green

Transparent Orange 

Gamblin Gamsol Medium

Brushes (Various bristle and synthetic brushes from 2 to 8+, #4 rigger – I prefer long flat synthetic bristle brushes when I paint as it gives me more control over my paint on canvas or board.)

Palette Knives


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Artist Bio: 

Michael is a contemporary Canadian painter and art instructor based in Port Coquitlam. He works primarily as an oil painter and is known for soft Plein air landscapes, modern still lifes, and portraiture. With an eye for how light, shadow, and colour temperature form the fundamental elements of a scene, King’s practice blends representation with Impressionistic aesthetics.



YouTube: MichaelKingArt


May 13, 2022
11:00 am