Anchoring The New-Living In Balance with the Labyrinth E-Course

April 24, 2020 - June 06, 2020



Anchoring The New – Living in Balance ©

This E-Course is designed to bring a deeper practice of using the labyrinth.  Creating balance & harmony into your daily life with a hands on interactive art format that simultaneously uses left & right brain stimulus.

Through the process of using an 11 circuit medieval labyrinth as the basis of a 6 Module Program this encounter is experienced over a six week period and is available on line only.

This is an amazing follow up program to anyone who has participated in a communal labyrinth building project or events for the public where you have begun the initiation of being called into the labyrinth experience. Or, for those who are just beginning their explorative path of the labyrinth.

Various modules will contain downloadable PDF documents for your printing and viewing convenience.

An extremely unique & personal interactive, creative experience with self – to have the ability at any moment to bring yourself into balance – via the use of the labyrinth.

Introduction will be sent upon Registration/Payment

The 6 Modules are as follows:

  1. Beginnings & Searching
  2. The Entrance Appears & Realization
  3. Journey to The Centre…Within the Answers are Found
  4. Following The Footsteps & Returning
  5. The Exit to Oneness & Awareness
  6. Completion

Follow Up Sent 11 days after the last Module ends

Throughout this six session journey we will explore each week a new level and deeper understanding to bring balance into our lives through the experience of the labyrinth.  Within many formats we will create and utilize our left and right brain functions…..and as the metaphorical path meanders to the centre and returns to beginning, we get that much deeper into its law of balance.

Various tools and exercises will be given each week and communication is encouraged at any time.  Each experience is unique; we all walk our own path.  I always welcome the sharing from these encounters.

Welcome to an experience of deeper understanding for creating balance in your life.

Special Instructions

$260.00 for Full Program – Payments accepted by Visa, MasterCard, Cash or E-Transfer (payment plans may also be arranged)


None , all are welcome to explore and create in the style and mediums that will serve their creative exploration.

Registration Details

Please visit my website  Joanna C. Cooke or Facebook page Zingara Arte Experience to register and link to Pay Pal.

Suppy List


*Access to printing of materials is required for all modules.

Large Thick Bond Sketch Book

Carbon Paper

Pencil & Eraser


Paints & Brushes


 Scissors & Glue

And of course, use your imagination and get into any kind of pursuit you feel in your labyrinth use.  Do not be limited to your sketchbook.  If you have space consider creating a small temporary walking labyrinth in your living room or go big outdoors for something more permanent and spacious.



April 24, 2020 - June 06, 2020