Artist Talk and Demonstration with Experiential Landscape Painter Lucas Kratochwil

August 01, 2020


In this artist talk-meets-demonstration, third-generation landscape painter Lucas Kratochwil will delve into what led him to the arts, where he draws inspiration from, and his most treasured aspects of his fascinating life as an artist. He will also demonstrate how to quickly and effectively sketch a landscape composition for getting the most out of your landscape art.

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Recreate Lucas’ method of transferring a landscape reference onto a canvas using…

  • A printed landscape reference photo
  • A sketchpad 
  • A ruler (at least as long as your sketchpad’s longest side)
  • Coloured Pencils (Black, Green, Brown, Blue, and Gray.)

Lucas’ recommended essential products for painting realistic landscapes

Painting Supplies


Pencils – for initial sketches (preferably wax-based; Lucas recommends Prismacolor coloured pencils)

Pencil Sharpener 

Tubes of Oil Paint 

Recommended Brands: Gamblin and Winsor & Newton Artist Oil Colours

Oil Medium 


Traditional oil brushes are too stiff for smooth surfaces and intricate details. For this Lucas recommends using Acrylic paintbrushes. 

Below are the basic brushes; any brand is good. 

  • x1 | Flat No.12 – For skies (1”/25mm wide) 
  • x3 | Flat No.6 – For large areas (1/2”/12mm wide) 
  • x3 | Flat No.2 – For medium details (1/4”/5mm wide) 
  • x3 | Round No.2 – For small details (1/8”/3mm wide) 

Palette Knife – Used to mix the oil paints. 

Brush Cleaner

There is only one product Lucas recommends to do this easily and safely 

Paint Palette To mix your paints on. 


Mason Jars – For holding oil painting medium, cleaning brushes while painting and for holding clean brushes and pencils. 

  • x2 | 8oz glass mason jars with lid (one to keep clean oil and one for brush cleaning oil) 
  • x1 | 32oz glass mason jar (to stash your brushes) 


Studio Supplies:

Easel – to prevent neck strain and image distortions. 


Table/Work Surface 

  • x1 | Table/Desk, etc. (Whichever size surface you need to place your painting supplies, computer/iPad, and easel.) 



  • x1 | A4 (approx. 8’x11.5’) multimedia sketchpad (to practice sketching and trying out colours without having to use your canvases; Canson recommended to start)



  • Natural light or a 5000 Kelvin LED videography studio light to ensure you see accurate colours while painting. 


Some other Essentials 

August 01, 2020
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm