Block-In Figure Drawing

April 14, 2024 - May 05, 2024



The block in is a very important step in drawing well, it’s the foundation and core that everything is built upon. Getting the proportion and contour drawn right allows you to then focus on modeling the light as it falls across the forms of the model.

In this 4 week class, Noah will show you classical techniques for blocking-in the figure. The focus of the block-in is to find proportion and articulate the contour and major shadow shapes.  Noah will teach the use of plumb lines, comparative measurement, and tilt angle to find correct proportions.
Working from a live model, you will work on a new drawing each session.

This is a good class to go with Noah’s long pose figure class.

Drawing the human figure is a great challenge. This class is all about working on drawing better proportions. One of the ways we can do this is by using measuring techniques to help break down the figure and try to get similar relationships in our drawings. By doing a new drawing each week it also helps us develop a foundation to build on and use as we work through our drawings.

We are always problem solving while drawing, how does the head fit with the arm? What is the tilt of the leg compared to the torso? Are these the same on my drawings as on the model?

Lots of demos and individual instruction!
All levels of experience welcome


All levels welcome

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April 14, 2024 - May 05, 2024
6:15 pm - 9:15 pm

Noah Layne Academy of Realist Art
114 733 Johnson Street
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