Cobra Water Mixable Oils with Jeffery Olson

May 07, 2022


When: Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 11AM-12:30PM PDT

Cobra Water Mixable Oils with Jeffery Olson

Are you an oil painter looking for a healthy alternative to solvents in the studio? Are you interested in experimenting with oils for the first time but have been intimidated by the process? Are you curious as to the quality and how water-mixable oil paints work? Whatever your motivation, join us for an informative and revealing look into the history of oils painting, the working properties of the medium, and what goes into making an oil paint water mixable. Included will be a hands-on demonstration of how Cobra mixes with water, and how you can mix them with traditional oils and maintain their water miscibility. Also, see how using Cobra Mediums can enhance the overall painting experience.




Royal Talens:

Cobra Artist Oil ColorCadmium Orange 211

Rembrandt Oil Color – Cadmium Orange 211 

Cobra Painting Medium – 75ml or 250ml

Cobra Painting Paste – 60ml or 200ml

Oil Painting Paper –  Cobra Oil Painting Paper A3 (or any brand canvas panels or oil papers apx. 9x12in)

Other Items

Palette Pad (9×12 or 12×16)

Palette Knife (any for mixing color)

Brush (synthetic bright or filbert, size 6-8)

Water Container (apx 16oz)

Paper Towels (or painting rags) 




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Artist Bio:

Jeffery Olson holds a BA and MFA in painting and drawing and is a working artist exhibiting for more than thirty years. He has more than a decade of college and university teaching experience in studio art, and more than twenty years in the art material industry with product expertise in a variety of mediums; Olson’s lectures deliver meaningful insights into the history, development, and application of artists’ materials.





Royal Talens Bio: 

The mission of Royal Talens, founded in 1899, is to facilitate and stimulate creative expression in painting and drawing. We market inspiring and innovative top-quality products including Cobra Oils. Talens’ Art Education mission is to provide “resources for artists and instructors that engage, inform and inspire artistic experimentation and expression.”


May 07, 2022
11:00 am - 12:30 pm