Discoveries in Gel Plate Printmaking with Sonya Iwasiuk

December 04, 2020


When: Dec 4, 2020 11:00 AM Vancouver

Join Sonya Iwasiuk, a local BC Golden artist educator, for this fun demo showcasing the essential monoprinting techniques needed to get started in Gel Plate Printmaking. Sonya will demonstrate ways of creating variety and texture in your Gel Plate Prints  using techniques with stencils, numerous mark-making tools, and even foliage! Using Golden Open acrylics as colour, learn how to create beautiful layered prints that can stand alone as beautiful pieces of art, be used as preliminary back-grounds, or even mailed out as greeting cards. Perfect for individuals at any stage in their artistics pursuits, as well as those interested in expanding their knowledge of printmaking!


Gel Plate (Gelli Arts)

GOLDEN Open Acrylics

  • Cadmium Yellow (or any bright yellow),
  • Naphthol Red Medium (or any bright red)
  • Manganese Blue Hue, Payne’s Grey
  • Sap Green
  • Teal
  • Titanium White

– Printmaking Paper, such as Stonehenge, cut into 7”x7” piece

– White Acrylic Marker such as Posca

– Gold acrylic marker such as Posca or Kryolan

– Green masking tape

– Assorted brushes

– a large palette or palette paper pad

– Plexi-glass Plate (at least 12” x 8” if a non-slip surface is not available)

Speedball Soft Brayer

– Plastic open stencils (your typical fretwork, dots, etc. style stencils)

– Plastic Silhouette Stencils (a solid cut out shape such as a leaf)

– Newsprint

– Copy Paper

– Water Container

– Flat bin for water (for stencils)

– Paper Towels/Rags

Miscellaneous mark-making materials

  • stamps of choice
  • feathers
  • string/rafia
  • lids, Q-tips, bubblewrap etc.
  • fresh foliage (leaves, grasses etc.)


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Artist Bio

Sonya is a self-taught mixed media artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She spent her childhood in small towns and on farms in Northern Alberta.

Though at times the figure is her focus, she is also drawn to abandoned places and buildings because they too speak of people. Disconcerted characters and lonely entities documented within her mixed media paintings, sculptures and translucent hangings, are partially exposed and brought back to being.

She progressively explores and experiments with different materials and methods of rendering and presenting these portrayals. The hope is that the unusual and unique components and techniques will create interest and delight, causing viewers to pause longer and thus communicating the message in a more meaningful and successful way.

December 04, 2020
11:00 am - 12:30 pm