Drawing and Painting Portraits with Rachel Natalie Rawlins

February 12, 2022


When: Feb 12th at 11:00am-12:30pm (PST)

Drawing and Painting Portraits with Rachel Natalie Rawlins

In this warm and inviting demo, Rachel Natalie Rawlins will be drawing and painting a woman listening to music.   The focus will be on working in a free and relaxed way, not worrying about perfection, but just enjoying the process of creating. This will be done in such a way that anyone following along will be able to create their own piece based on the demo, using it as a reference, but making their piece their own artistic expression, in terms of colour choice, paint application, linework and feel. She will be working in a colour blocking style and will demonstrate blending as a technique.



Materials List:

Canson Universal Sketch Pad (11”x14” Sketch Paper)
Note: canvas board or primed stretched canvas can be used as well

Graphite HB Pencil

EraserSTAEDTLER Mars Plastic Eraser

Acrylic Paints: Amsterdam Acrylics
Colours: Black, White, Medium Red, Ultramarine Blue, Deep Yellow or Yellow Ochre/Oxide, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Gold, Copper

Acrylic Brushes: Opus Denman Brushes or Opus Arietta Acrylic Brushes
Round Sizes: Small round, medium flat and a large brush for the background.

Plastic Palette – Opus Paint & Peel Palette
Note: Plastic plate, paper plate or wax paper sheets will work.

Cup or bowl for water

Rag for wiping and drying brushes



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Artist Bio:

A Toronto-based Canadian visual artist/illustrator, Rachel Natalie Rawlins was born in Montreal to Trinidadian parents. Her love of drawing and painting people comes from her passion to capture their personalities, attitudes and emotions with her pencil and paintbrush. She doesn’t shy away from creating digital artwork either. In recent years, her work has been seen at the Royal Ontario Museum and ARTA Gallery in Toronto, ON, and at Cheri in Harlem, NY. Additionally, she has conducted painting workshops for children with Raising Artists and painted live at various events.

Website:  https://www.rachelnatalie.ca/


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February 12, 2022
11:00 am - 12:30 pm