Drawing Into Painting: Ink & Watercolour

September 20, 2023 - December 13, 2023



This course is about making the most of ink and water-based media to create drawings and paintings. Students will explore the wide range of possibilities that ink, watercolour and mixed media provide to create exciting artwork in personal styles. Each week will be devoted to a different subject and approach. The primary focus on the medium will allow students to develop their personal art practice with a process based approach. Subjects include portraits, figures, landscapes, flowers and still life objects. Working with ink and water involves the dance between control and spontaneity, draftsmanship and observation, creating a bridge between drawing and painting. Students will develop strategies to handle and harness the fluid nature of the ink and watercolour. Materials that will be explored and explained include dip pens, brush pens, brushes, and twigs. Instruction will be given on techniques through demonstration and with reference to a different featured artist each week. No drawing experience necessary.

Special Instructions

This online course will be held via Zoom. Students will receive a link one week ahead of the start of the course.

Registration Details

Visit the Vancouver Island School of Art website to register online, or phone 250-380-3500.

Suppy List


  • Watercolours in tubes (gouache or acrylic gouache is also an option and can be used with watercolour and ink)

  • Turner and Holbein are my choices for colour quality. Lukas is a reasonable brand with nice vivid colours suitable to this course's approaches

  • A range of warm and cool primary colours. Reds: Alizarin Crimson (cool), Cadmium red hue (Warm) Yellows: Cadmium light hue (W), Lemon Yellow or Hansa Yellow (C) Blues: Cerulean (C) & Ultramarine (W) Raw Sienna and Payne's Grey

  • Watercolour: Similar idea and a similar colour range

Acrylic medium

  • Any brand, used for base coats


  • Black ink specifically for fountain pens such as Parker Quink. Higgins also has a reasonable one

  • Three colours of Acrylic Ink (not for Fountain pens-it will clog them!)

  • F&W Liquitex and Golden all make good ones. Red. Cerulean and Ultramarine Blue or similar (so many hues will work) *with paints and inks, I prefer to shop to taste as you would buying shirts or pastries rather than focusing on theory.


  • Use a variety of rounds and flat synthetic sable brushes for watercolour/gouache

  • Have a large (#10 or #12) flat watercolour /gouache brush, #8 rigger, and Princeton 'Dagger" brush

  • Flat 1” acrylic brush to apply acrylic medium

  • Feel free to use what you already have


  • Dip pens - pen holder and speedball C-5, C-6, and Hunt School Nib

  • Black water-soluble felt-tipped pen

  • Sharpie (fat)


  • Look for an 11"x14" or 16"x20" multi-media pad that takes watercolour and ink

  • Plan to repurpose old sketchbooks


  • Plastic palette for mixing paint, (white plastic lids, white plates or disposable palette pad

Other Supplies

  • Drawing board (18x24”)

  • 2 Bulldog clips (to hold the paper to the board - optional).

  • Plastic containers to hold water (such as yogurt containers)

  • Painters masking tape (removable)

  • Rags (old cotton clothes) for cleaning up

  • Small spray bottle


Other supplies will be discussed in the course.

September 20, 2023 - December 13, 2023
10:00 am - 1:00 pm