Drawing Perspective

October 14, 2023



Devised in the Italian Renaissance, linear perspective is a system of creating the illusion of depth in drawing and painting. Knowing and applying a few simple rules will help you to create convincing interior and exterior spaces. In this one-day workshop, you will learn how to use one and two-point perspective to draw remembered rooms, invented spaces, and to work from life and from photographs. Suitable for all levels.

Special Instructions

This online workshop will be held via Zoom. Students will receive a link one week ahead of the start of the workshop.

Registration Details

Visit the Vancouver Island School of Art website to register online, or phone 250-380-3500.

Suppy List

- 8"x11" paper or sketchbook

- HB pencil

- ruler

- eraser

October 14, 2023
10:00 am - 1:00 pm