Essential Guide to Tie-Dyeing with Alex Preston from Jacquard

August 08, 2021


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When: August 8, 2021 11:00 AM  

Join Jacquard Product Developer Alex Preston for an incredible front-to-back demonstration of how to create your own tie dyed fabrics like a professional. Attendees can look forward to learning how to mix dyes, how much of each ingredient to use, the use and purpose of Urea, which fabrics are compatible with Procion MX, how long you should relieve the fabric in the dye, and more. Alex will talk about the characteristics of Procion MX dye and why a reactive dye is best for tie dye. He will also share how you can get the brightest, most intense dye colours as well as a black as dark as midnight. Alex will also introduce attendees to Jacquard’s incredibly helpful dye information guides such as their Dye Road map and Primary mixing wheel for custom colour mixing.  





Alex’s Materials List

3-6 Jacquard Yorker Bottles 8oz or 4oz is fine (for dye application)

2 100% cotton T-shirts (or other plant-based fiber garment)

3-6 Jacquard Procion MX colors to put in Yorkers Magenta, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise and Jet Black as primaries and black( or just your fave colors)

1lb Jacquard soda ash (for fixing the dye)

1lb Jacquard Urea (for color enhancement)

Plastic sheeting or drop sheet for covering table

Rubber gloves

Scissors for cutting tight rubber bands

Rubber bands

Paper towels

Small plastic tub for catching excess dye

Some kind of screen or wire mesh/grill to put under the garment over the tub while applying the dye in order to allow the dye to slip through and not pool around the bottom of the garment

Reusable funnel or funnel made of paper

Plastic bag or tupperware to keep shirt wet overnight




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About the Artist

Alex Preston is a chemist and oversees product development at Jacquard. He has been making custom T-shirts since he was a kid and is an expert in all the ways of colouring fabric.


About Jacquard

Jacquard was started because Deka stopped selling fabric dyes in North America. What began as a company selling silk colors out of Michael Katz’s garage has evolved into an art supply company selling 3000 different products from screen printing supplies, airbrush paint, several types of fabric paint, alcohol inks, and dyes for every fabric. Jacquard sells what they are interested in as artists, and they are interested in everything!




August 08, 2021
11:00 am - 12:30 pm