Exploring Graphite and Charcoal with Kathi Hanson and General’s Pencils

May 07, 2021


Opus Art Supplies’ iconic artist demonstrations and workshops have gone virtual! All our events are now held through Zoom. If you are not yet familiar with this fantastic meeting system, feel free to read the following articles from Zoom to get started. 

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When: May 7th @ 1pm (1.5hr Demo)

You want me to Do What With a Pencil?

Exciting pencil art contains the “unexpected” mark!  After many years of experimentation, Kathi has mastered how to manipulate all types of pencil pigments in non-traditional ways. She is happy to share how to create additional mood, movement, texture, dimension, detail, and of course…. the “unexpected” mark!!! Techniques such as how to grate, pounce, rock, roll, and burnish (all types} pencil pigment will be demonstrated as well as how you can paint with pencils and sticks. These techniques can be mastered by artists of all age levels and abilities and, once implemented, will take their artwork to the next level. 

Kathi’s Demo Materials 

Drawing paper (80lbs paper weight)

Cold-press watercolor paper (140lbs paper weight)

Watercolor paper (90lbs paper weight)

Watercolor brush; #8 round 

IPC-2 small flat blender (dry pencil art brush)

camel hair mop brush (dry pencil art brush)

General’s ES-20 Extra soft white vinyl eraser

General’s BM-2 eraser pen and refills

General’s Kneaded eraser

General’s Lil Red Sharpener

General’s Sketch & Wash #588 water-soluble graphite pencil

General’s Charcoal White #558 pencil

General’s Charcoal pencils 2B, 4B, 6B

General’s Compressed charcoal 4B (two pack)

General’s Primo Euro Pencil 3B

General’s Kimberly watercolor pencils (yellow, blue, green, brown)

General’s Kimberly Graphite pencils 2H, 2B, 4B, 6B, 9xxb

General’s Kimberly graphite sticks 2B (small size)

General’s Ebony Layout #555

Masters Brush Cleaner 2.5 oz

Masters Hand Soap 1.5 oz

Kiss Off Stain Remover

Water bin for rinsing brushes

Paper towel

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Artist Bio

For the past thirty-five years Kathi has traveled the world teaching workshops. She is known for her vast knowledge of subject matter and her unique special effect techniques in multiple mediums. Her workshops are as varied as the audiences she presents them to. She has taught at Art Leagues, Decorative Painting Chapters, Colleges, State Art Educator Conventions, and Professional Development events for individual school districts. Kathi has won numerous awards for her work, published over 80 articles in art magazines, is a featured artist in several art technique books, and her instructional DVDs are sold worldwide.





May 07, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm